Wednesday, November 22, 2017

a new beginning seven years later

According to the archives a work in progress turned seven this month. I started this blog "with much reluctance", as my first post succinctly says. Seven years later I am glad I started blogging despite the reluctance born out of fear.

My work has changed dramatically over these years. I can see myself looking for direction in the first couple of years on the blog, a continuation from the years before I started blogging. Slowly the direction came. I found a teacher and mentor in Josh Goldberg and my work took the path I have been on since. It's been an exciting time. I feel true to what I do and I look forward to delving deeper into my practice. Blogging has complemented my studio work and provided a wonderful platform for a number of reasons. It gave me a dedicated space to document my work over time, the space to use writing as a tool, and share all that I do with the world. And ironically, blogging helped me overcome my reluctance to blog - to be out there.

The seventh anniversary is a good time to make a change I've been meaning to make for some time now. For seven years, I called this blog 'a work in progress'. While I hope to always remain a work in progress, the time has come to say a little more. Starting this month the blog will be called 'through the moving door'. The title comes from a monotype I created last year. Without completely deconstructing the title and all the associated layers of meaning, the moving door signifies the frame through which I look at the world and understand my work.

And so I make another beginning.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017

exhibition: 10x10

For the past few weeks I've been organising the 10x10 Invitational exhibition at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center along with Artistic Director Gretchen Schermerhorn. In its third edition, this exhibit will include more than 85 regional and national artists displaying prints, sculpture, paintings, drawings and a variety of other media. All work has been donated by artists, the sale of which will go towards funding programs at Pyramid Atlantic. The exhibition opens this Friday, November 3 at 6pm and continues until December 17. I am participating in the exhibition too. Below are the three mixed media artworks I am showing.

psyche structure I
mixed media on paper, 10x10", 2017

psyche structure II
mixed media on paper, 10x10", 2017

orbital realisations
mixed media on paper, 10x10", 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

cézanne's mountain

Cézanne's mountain
in the evening light
My feet no longer 
on the ground.

There is the singular, and then there is everything else. Looking out into the world, you are in a twilight state (half daydreaming, half aware); that in-between of states that brings out the hidden magic that is everywhere. Lights twinkle and things rush past you. Your eyes, unfocused, take in shapes and color, and create new relationships, new realities. The body (hair flying) laps up the wind, thirsty. There is music, every high and low note unveils layers of meaning and connections. The singular isn't only in the midst of all, it is all.

Thursday, October 5, 2017